Next Dimension Vinyl

Cathy Leonard

There’s a new look for Windsor Windows & Doors. It shows more of what Windsor helps you do – Make dream homes a reality. Throughout 2014, you will see new products and offerings that better reflects what sets Windsor apart.

We have fresh new marketing materials that are bold and colorful. Inspiring imagery encourages creative window and door design and interesting and unexpected applications. In our literature, we’ve added more diagrams and technical drawings and developed images that clearly represent our options and accessories. Our goal is to provide better education to builders and architects and enhance communication between them and their homeowners.

The things you have grown to appreciate about Windsor are NOT changing. We are large enough to manufacture three complete product offerings: Pinnacle clad and primed wood windows and patio doors, Legend cellular PVC windows, and Next Dimension vinyl windows and patio doors. One of these product lines is perfectly suited for your residential and light commercial application. Yet… we’re still small enough to be flexible and accommodating to meet the unique requirements that you encounter on your projects. We are committed to offering innovative design, quality construction, reliable service, and one of the best values in the industry.

Get ready for exciting things ahead. You and Windsor… Imagine what you can do!

Scott Renke

Beginning November 1st, Windsor Windows & Doors will be offering blinds between the glass on our Next Dimension Pro and Classic sliding patio doors. This mechanism is designed with an easy-to-operate lift and tilt feature to control light and privacy and is engineered for durability and long-lasting performance. Some of the impressive features of this blind system include:

  • Independent magnetic lift and tilt mechanisms – No more cords
  • 1” OA clear insulated glass
  • Blind are available in a neutral-shade of white
  • Blind material is 12.5 mm UV coated aluminum
  • Mechanism is handed for OX, XO and stationary handing
  • Tested to 10,000 raise and lower cycles, equivalent of 20 years of actual use
  • 10 year warranty on the insulated glass as well as the operation of the blinds and external control mechanisms

The blinds-between-the-glass option is available on doors in the following sizes:

  • 2′ 6″ wide x 6′ 8″ height
  • 2′ 6″ wide x 6′ 10″ height
  • 3′ 0″ wide x 6′ 8″ height
  • 3′ 0″ wide x 6′ 10″ height
  • 5′ 0″ wide x 6′ 8″ height
  • 5′ 0″ wide x 6′ 10″ height
  • 6′ 0″ wide x 6′ 8″ height
  • 6′ 0″ wide x 6′ 10″ height

Blinds Between Doors

Lift and tilt mechanisms will be located on the jamb side of the fixed lite and on the interlock stile side of the operating panel. The mechanisms will be located on the right jamb side of stationary units as shown in the figures above. The door figures are viewed from the interior looking out.

This new blinds-between-the-glass option is another reason that Windsor Windows & Doors is an excellent choice.

Mark Rieser

Windsor Windows & Doors began as a regional manufacturer of wood windows in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1946. The company was purchased by Woodgrain Millwork, Inc of Fruitland, Idaho in 1987.

Since joining Woodgrain, Windsor has streamlined its manufacturing processes, invested in state-of-the-art equipment, engineered innovative new designs, and expanded the product offering. Windsor’s corporate headquarters is still located in West Des Moines, Iowa. The Iowa manufacturing plant occupies 340,000 square feet. We also operate a second 200,000 square foot production facility in Monroe, North Carolina. Windsor manufactures four distinct product lines: Pinnacle (wood windows & patio doors), Next Dimension (vinyl windows & patio doors), Legend (cellular PVC windows), and Ashworth (patio and entry doors). Windsor is an Energy Star® Partner and our products are NFRC certified, which means they meet exacting standards for energy efficiency and durability. We ship our products throughout the United States and also into Canada, Mexico and China.

Windsor Windows & Door’s goal is to be easy to do business with. Our employees are flexible and accommodating and take personal ownership in providing the highest level of service. The company is large enough to equip our manufacturing plants with state-of-the-art processes and yet small enough to build our products with craftsmanship and acute attention-to-detail. We custom build every window and door to your exact specifications. The size, shape, grille pattern, material color, wood species, hardware style and finish are assembled into the desired combination to meet the needs of each individual order. We provide one of the best values in the industry and pride ourselves in being the “product of choice” among many architects, builders and contractors.

One look at a Windsor window or door and you’ll recognize its superior construction. Visit to learn more about our products and where to find a dealer near you.

Reed Dame

Woodgrain Millwork has more than 55 years of product innovation, quality service, and business growth. One of the largest millwork operations today, Woodgrain is proud to be a family owned and operated company. Woodgrain combines the integrity of our employees with the quality of our products and services.

We are Woodgrain. We are a family of companies.

Woodgrain’s family of companies includes:
Woodgrain Family of Companies |
Woodgrain Millwork
Woodgrain Millwork is one of the world’s largest moulding and millwork manufacturer and supplier dedicated to delivering “best in class” services and products to all customers. International and domestic mills are strategically located worldwide, offering multiple options to secure product with shorter lead times and flexible delivery options. Woodgrain Millwork’s diverse product offering includes:

  • Mouldings
    • Lineal fingerjoint and solid moulding
    • Boards
    • Decorative moulding – DecraMold® and Block Shop®
    • Flexible moulding – Flexgrain
    • Prefinish moulding – Prefinish Ash
    • Finished moulding – Finished Elegance®
  • Door shop components – LifeTech® and LifePlast®
  • Window parts

Woodgrain Chile
Woodgrain Chile is a moulding and door manufacturer located in Los Angeles, Chile. Woodgrain Chile is focused on manufacturing with top-of-the-line technology and continuously strives to add value to their products. They are among the top producers of millwork in Los Angeles, Chile.

Woodgrain Distribution
Woodgrain Distribution is a logistics company dedicated to delivering customized solutions for the millwork product mix and service options customers need at the lowest total cost of ownership. Woodgrain Distribution’s product sourcing strategy incorporates our own international and domestic mills, as well as contractual relationships with suppliers worldwide.

Woodgrain Doors
Woodgrain Doors is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of hardwood and softwood stile and rail doors. Combining quality craftsmanship with the highest quality raw materials, our doors are as durable as they are beautiful. Made in an array of attractive designs, and offered in 11 wood species or factory primed, Woodgrain Doors is sure to have interior and exterior doors to complement any home.

Windsor Windows & Doors
At Windsor Windows & Doors, value is built into every product – one look at a Windsor window or door and you’ll recognize its superior construction. A unique solution is offered for nearly every application through three distinct product lines:

  • Pinnacle Wood
  • Legend Cellular PVC
  • Next Dimension Vinyl

Ashworth Doors
Ashworth Doors offers finely crafted patio and entry doors connecting your most cherished indoor and outdoor spaces. All doors have been carefully engineered for structural strength and thermal performance. Ashworth Doors offers a large selection of customizable features and finishes to suit every lifestyle. The following doors are available:

  • French Doors
  • Venting Sidelites Entry Doors
  • Sliding Patio Doors

Monarch Windows and Doors
Monarch Windows and Doors takes pride in every product we make. Our windows and exterior doors fit the needs for residential, commercial, and architectural applications. Monarch offers wood, aluminum clad, and cellular composite windows along with wood, aluminum clad, fiberglass hinged exterior doors, and clad sliding doors.

Nature’s offers environmentally friendly and cost effective products for both your animals and home. All products are created from materials of saw dust, fine shavings and trim materials used in the manufacturing process of our millwork products. Products include:

  • Fuel Pellets
  • Horse bedding: Shavings,  Mini Flakes and Pellets
  • Small animal bedding
  • Cat Litter

Visit our corporate website to learn more about Woodgrain’s family of companies.