Spring Cleaning Part 2: How to Clean Your Doors

Last week we shared spring cleaning tips for removing dirt and grime from your interior moulding. This week, we’re going to focus on another often neglected part of your house: Your doors.

Spring Cleaning Part 1: How to Clean Your Moulding

It’s officially spring and that means it’s time to think about doing some spring cleaning. To help you freshen up your home and get it in tip-top shape, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite cleaning tips.

Women in Millwork: Meet Hui

“After retiring from the Navy, I wanted to become a staff accountant at a logistics company. That’s exactly what I’m doing now.”
– Hui Lee, Staff Accountant for Woodgrain Distribution

Women in Millwork: Meet Liz

“One must be a strong individual with confidence working in the industry.”
– Liz Mallaney, HR Manager for Woodgrain’s Window Division

Women in Millwork: Meet Holly

“I find it can be challenging at times to prove yourself and earn respect as a woman.”  
– Holly Mercer, Inside Sales Manager at Windsor Windows

Women in Millwork: Meet Karen

“My daily goal and also for the HR team at Windsor is to make a positive impact on at least one person—hopefully more—every single day.”
-Karen Clontz, Human Resource Manager Windsor Windows & Doors

Women in Millwork: Meet Jeri

“I take great pride in my job and get self-satisfaction from achieving goals and doing my job to the best of my ability.”
-Jeri Pressley, Casement Department Manager Windsor Windows & Doors

Women in Millwork: Meet Tracy

“If a woman would like to be a part of the challenges and successes, she should pursue this career.”
-Tracy Honstein, Inside Customer Service Representative at Woodgrain Doors

Women in MIllwork: Meet Jessica Anderson

“There is never a dull moment being in the HR department of a manufacturing industry.”
-Jessica Anderson, Human Resources Representative for Woodgrain Doors