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Did you know 94% of buyers do some form of online research before purchasing products? Homebuilders, designers and homeowners alike turn to the Internet to research the construction and remodeling materials that will go into their home – whether it’s to visually inspect a product, find certain functionality they desire or scan the energy ratings to meet local regulations. Those searches represent a small but significant part of the more than 1 trillion searches conducted on Google each year.

At Windsor Windows & Doors, our goal is to provide value during every step of the home building and/or renovation process. We understand how important online research is during the planning stage, as well as after the purchase. For the past several months, Windsor has been quietly working away to build a useful new website that will meet the needs of our two distinctive audiences:

1) The homeowner, who wants to learn about our company, research our products, and select the perfect options and accessories to meet their needs.

2) The industry professional that needs easy access to technical information such as sizing information, performance data and specifications.

Here’s how you can use the new Windsor website to help make a stunning and energy efficient home:

  • Architectural Reference Information – get precise architectural elevations, sizes and product specifications
  • Energy Performance Search Tool – find the specific product with the performance you need
  • Installation Instructions – download step-by-step guidelines for installing all products
  • Parts & Service Information – see illustrations of various components to find replacement parts
  • Windows & Doors 101 – discover how to select the best product for each application
  • Photo Library – find inspiration for your next project
  • Product Details – research the unique features and benefits of Windsor products
  • Warranties – get details on our window and patio door warranties
  • Case Studies & Testimonials – hear from professionals who have successfully used Windsor products and see photography from intriguing projects and product applications
  • Stories of Interest – read stories about exciting Windsor projects from across the country
  • Dealer Locator – find the nearest Windsor distributor, complete with Google map & driving directions
  • Careers – submit resumes and inquire about employment opportunities

The fresh layout, responsive design, dynamic photography and intuitive navigation will make it easy to find whatever you need, regardless of your role in the home construction process.

The new design allows viewers to see the information on any electronic device… desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. You can easily find resources, whether you’re on a job site or viewing from home. You can maneuver throughout the site by scrolling and swiping, similar to a mobile application.

The new Windsor Windows & Doors website is scheduled to launch in early April. Go to first when you begin your next project.

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The last few weeks have been an exciting time for Patrick and Rachel Mahoney from Lousville, Kentucky. They were thrilled to be selected as finalist in the new hit home improvement series, Fix It & Finish It”.

They were told that host, Antonio Sabàto Jr. and his crew may (or may not) knock on their door at 8 AM on the morning of October 1st. At 7:30 AM, the show’s team ambushed the Mahoney’s, and by 9 AM the crew was hard at work on a complete renovation to the home’s front facade and landscape.

Senior show producer, Collin Herr, said the homeowners featured on the show don’t have the ability to do the renovation work on their own. “We want to make a positive contribution to the community. We select projects where financial or physical limitations are a primary consideration,” he said.

Stacye Love of Louisville-based Stacye Love Construction LLC was the general contractor for the Mahoney’s’ project. She estimated the total cost of labor and materials for the project to be $40,000, but it didn’t cost the homeowners a thing.

Kyle Labar, owner of the local Louisville area Windsor Windows & Doors distributor, Metro Windows, was asked to be part of the project team by Love. Metro Windows, based in Buckner, Kentucky, has been a Windsor distributor for over 25 years. Metro not only agreed to provide the windows for the project, they also offered to installed them.

Labar and his team were prominent during the early filming since the entire project revolved around remodeling the front façade of the home. His crew was one of the first be involved by tearing out 3 old windows and replacing them with new, energy efficient Windsor Pinnacle clad double-hung windows on the first floor. Then, in the second floor dormer, a Pinnacle Select push-out casement became the focal point of the newly remodeled second story.

When the Pinnacle Select window was installed in the dormer, the homeowner, Rachel Mahoney was ecstatic with the new look. Windsor’s regional sales manager, Jay McCarty, explained to Rachel how the Select push-out window opened and demonstrated the hidden, retractable screen.

Photographs captured the organized chaos at the beginning of the project and the dramatic improvements that were achieved by the end of the day. The final outcome delighted the homeowners and elevated the appearance of the entire neighborhood.

296 302Final Reveal 2

Kelly Dame

Woodgrain is attending the 50th Annual Association of Millwork Distributors Convention next week. Come visit us:

Tuesday, October 21-Wednesday, October 22
Tampa Convention Center, Tampa FL
Booth 209

The Association of Millwork Distributors (AMD) has been the acknowledged leader in the millwork distribution industry for almost half a century. Through AMD, Woodgrain has the opportunity to network with other leading influencers within the industry, as well as showcase our product/service offering and continue learning about the specialized needs of our customers.

Join us next week as we unite and collaborate with the most successful millwork industry professionals!

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With cooler weather setting in, your home will be closed up more tightly than during the summer months. When the windows are closed, some homeowners find condensation builds up on the interior or exterior of their windows.

What causes this type of condensation? Anything from the steam that escapes when you open the dishwasher to boiling water on the stove can cause condensation. Moisture from a hot shower, steaming kettle or even washing the dishes can create condensation on your windows, mirrors and walls.

You may be surprised to learn how much water vapor is created in a home on a daily basis. An average-sized family can add a half pint of water vapor every hour to the home through breathing and perspiration. If you take a five-minute shower, you produce another half pint of water vapor. The act of cooking dinner can produce two and a half pints of water vapor inside your home.

To minimize condensation in your home…

  • Use kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans.
  • In addition to exhaust fans, open a window in the bathroom to increase ventilation.
  • Properly vent clothes dryers, gas appliances and stoves.
  •  Make sure your attic and basement or crawl space is well ventilated.
  •  Open curtains and blinds to allow more air circulation around your windows.
  • Store firewood outside. Wood holds moisture that can be released into your home.
  • If you have a humidifier, set it to the correct outside temperature. If you have a damp basement, use a dehumidifier.

Outside Temperature                   Inside Humidity

 0º to 10ºF                                             Not over 30%

 -20º to –10ºF                                      Not over 20%

-20ºF or below                                     Not over 15%

-10º to   0ºF                                          Not over 25%

10º to 35ºF                                           Not over 35%

Engineering studies provide the following guidelines for the minimum recommended humidity levels for residential construction, based on a 70ºF interior room temperature.

Following these guidelines does not guarantee that condensation will not appear on mirrors or windows but it should dramatically improve the situation. Factors such as closed blinds or drapes may require you to decrease the relative humidity in your house below these guidelines.

If frost or condensation forms on your windows, the humidity is too high and you should turn down the humidistat.  If your hardwood floors start to separate, the humidity is too dry and you should turn up your humidistat.  You may need to regularly monitor and adjust the humidistat setting to control the humidity in your home.

Cathy Leonard


This incredible vacation home is located on the beautiful central California coastline in the sleepy community of Cayucas. It is nestled on a low bluff overlooking the sandy beach and the Pacific Ocean. The project was designed and built by Larry Franklin Construction of Morro Bay, California. As both the builder and the designer, he was in complete control of the materials used in this project. He wanted the look of old, distressed wood on the interior. However, he also wanted a low maintenance exterior product that would stand up to the elements as this home is only 50 yards from the Pacific Ocean.

Mr. Franklin chose Windsor Windows because Windsor offers a Natural Alder interior window with an extruded aluminum exterior. The Natural Alder allowed the builder to distress the wood and apply a finish to the Alder giving the finished product an aged appearance. As another design requirement, Mr. Franklin did not want to use casing on the interior of the windows. Windsor was able to help him out by kerfing the interior jambs so a bull nose wall return could be utilized. This helped to create the nice clean lines he desired, yet still showcase the warm interior wood finish of the windows.

With more than twenty windows strategically placed to capture the view from both upstairs and downstairs, the iconic Morro Rock is visible to the south along with an endless view of the beach and surf as it crashes onto the shoreline. Any one of the fifteen casement or awning windows provides access to the cool ocean breeze and the sound of the crashing surf. Alternatively, you can use one of the four patio doors to access the private balconies and patios that surround this beach getaway.

Renae Crill

Say goodbye to lazy summer days and hello to hectic schedules… school is right around the corner! Coordinating all of the chaos can seem overwhelming at first, but we’ve got a DIY project to help make the transition easier.

To help organize the entire family, take an old window and transform it into something useful. By painting the panes with chalkboard paint, applying vinyl lettering and adhering it to a central location in your home, you’ve now got a weekly calendar to keep track of activities, dinner menus and notes. Adding hooks at the bottom of the window can also make the piece multifunctional – holding backpacks, lunchboxes and school outfits for the next day.

Make this DIY project your last before summer’s end!



Renae Crill

Windows can dramatically impact the look and feel of any space. While the easiest way to update an interior window is by choosing a new window covering, you can take it a step further. Even novice DIY-ers can customize their window casing for a fresh style with this farmhouse window tutorial. Using only boards and moulding with straight cuts, you can transform your aesthetic with this simple project.

Add charm and character to an existing window with this easy-to-follow tutorial:

Farmhouse Window

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Windows Blog 6-24-14

This unique single family residence is situated in a natural setting nestled in the beautiful Ozark hills. Dubbed “The Modern Silo” by the builder, Monticello Homes and Development; the home is truly where country meets high design. A galvanized grain silo is the focal point and core of the home which is otherwise modern in design and surrounds the silo. With both homeowners being designers, high design is evident throughout the home; from the galvanized clad spiral staircase, to the backsplash with a ribbon of randomly placed nickels.

The living space extends outside with two covered porches and many other patios accessible through any of the 6 patio doors. This offers many outdoor living spaces to enjoy the beautiful views of the natural Ozark hills. The window and doors were strategically designed into the home to capture the spectacular views.  Most openings were positioned with southern exposure to improve energy efficiency and utilize natural light.

With the central feature of the home being a round galvanized grain silo, it was a challenge for the builder and installer to devise a weather proof and aesthetically pleasing method to install flat windows into a curving wall section. To accomplish this, the builder devised extended window bucks that reached beyond the curve to allow for the windows to be installed onto a flat surface. The window bucks were then flashed in a bronze metal to protect the buck and fully flash the window while still complimenting the look of the galvanized silo.

Scott Renke

The Atlantic hurricane season is upon us. Running from June 1st through November 30th, this season is forecasted to be mild. However, it is important that you are prepared to protect your property from high winds and flying debris in case of a storm.

There are a lot of preparations you can make to your home know to insure you won’t be caught taking last-minute action. To a great extent, the most important part of getting your home hurricane-ready is making sure it is equipped with storm-resistant window coverings. While plywood is an emergency measure, there are permanent products that can withstand strong weather conditions to protect your home.

Windsor Windows offers the following impact-certified products for your home:

  • Pinnacle Clad Casement
  • Pinnacle Clad Casement Picture
  • Pinnacle Clad Awning
  • Pinnacle Clad Concealed DH
  • Pinnacle Clad Concealed DH Picture
  • Pinnacle Clad Outswing PD
  • Pinnacle Clad French Slider
  • Pinnacle Clad Direct Set
  • Pinnacle Clad Radius
  • Legend HBR Casement
  • Legend HBR Casement Picture
  • Legend HBR Awning
  • Legend HBR Double-Hung
  • Legend HBR Double-Hung Picture
  • Legend Direct Set/Radius

Our Pinnacle Clad windows use only heavy-duty .050 extruded aluminum cladding rather than thin roll form aluminum. These products are more durable and resistant to exterior damage including dents and chips that can occur during a hurricane.

Legend HBR is another great option for storm protection. It is a unique hybrid product that combines the strength and durability of our Legend frame with an aluminum-clad wood sash. These windows offer a low maintenance exterior with a beautiful wooden interior, which offer both protection from the elements and style.

For more information about preparing your home during hurricane season with impact-certified Windsor Windows, visit

Bill Tindell

Over the past 30 days, Windsor has announced the addition of taller windows to the Pinnacle Clad and Select product offering. Pinnacle clad operating casements and casement picture units offered will increase in height up to 80” call out heights or 7-0 frame dimension. Pinnacle Select operating casements and casement picture units are being added up to 96” call out heights or 8-0 frame dimension. Finally, Pinnacle clad concealed double-hungs will be offered up to 44” call out heights or 8-0 ¾ frame dimension, with a 90” call out height on Pinnacle clad concealed double-hung pictures with the same 8-0 ¾ frame dimension.

In the near future Windsor will be announcing the addition of 10-0 tall Pinnacle clad patio doors offered on in-swing, out-swing, French sliding and bi-fold doors. Stay tuned for future details about these exciting new products.

Cathy Leonard

The installation of Windsor’s new powder coat paint equipment has allowed us to expand our Standard Color & Feature Color palettes to 42 shades. In addition, we now have color matching capabilities in-house. The extremely durable AAMA 2604 finish is now standard on all clad products and the AAMA 2605 finish is available as an upgrade for the most challenging of environments.

  • Windsor’s Standard Color palette expands to 22 colors plus an additional 20 shades in our Feature Color palette.
  •  All of these colors will now be produced in the more durable 2604 finish and the 2605 finish is available as an upgrade.
  • The Standard Colors will maintain a 3 week lead-time and the Feature Colors will have a 4 week lead-time.
  • There is no minimum number of units required in the Standard Colors or Feature Colors. Only Custom Colors require a 25 unit minimum.
  • The 2604 finish carries a 20 year warranty and the 2605 finish carries a 30 year warranty.

This power coat paint system offers long-life with good looks and superior chalk and fade resistance regardless of your project location. Factory applied and oven cured Super Durable Polyester TGCI and Fluoroset® resin-based paints block the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun and repel general air pollution. It will not whiten or pit when exposed to dew, fog, rain or acid rain.  Windsor factory applied heat-cured painted finishes are durable and very colorfast.  The Super Durable Polyester TGIC and Fluoroset® based products meet AAMA 2604 and 2605 specifications respectively and retain their color and gloss level for many years.


Cathy Leonard

There’s a new look for Windsor Windows & Doors. It shows more of what Windsor helps you do – Make dream homes a reality. Throughout 2014, you will see new products and offerings that better reflects what sets Windsor apart.

We have fresh new marketing materials that are bold and colorful. Inspiring imagery encourages creative window and door design and interesting and unexpected applications. In our literature, we’ve added more diagrams and technical drawings and developed images that clearly represent our options and accessories. Our goal is to provide better education to builders and architects and enhance communication between them and their homeowners.

The things you have grown to appreciate about Windsor are NOT changing. We are large enough to manufacture three complete product offerings: Pinnacle clad and primed wood windows and patio doors, Legend cellular PVC windows, and Next Dimension vinyl windows and patio doors. One of these product lines is perfectly suited for your residential and light commercial application. Yet… we’re still small enough to be flexible and accommodating to meet the unique requirements that you encounter on your projects. We are committed to offering innovative design, quality construction, reliable service, and one of the best values in the industry.

Get ready for exciting things ahead. You and Windsor… Imagine what you can do!

Scott Renke

Windsor is currently installing a new state-of-the-art aluminum extrusion powder coat paint line. This new equipment will allow us to paint all of our aluminum extrusions in-house. As a result we will be expanding our standard color palette offering from 7 to 22 and our feature color palette will consist of an additional 20 hues. These standard and feature colors will be produced in the AAMA 2604 finish and will carry a 20 year warranty. For the harshest of climates, customers will have the option to upgrade to the AAMA 2605 finish which will carry a 30 year warranty. All 42 colors, in either finish, are available with no order minimums. We also have the capability to custom match colors with extended lead-time and minimum requirements. This new paint program will launch in March 2013. Imagine what you can do! Visit Windsor Windows & Doors to learn more.

Scott Renke

Next Dimension Signature windows utilize the most advanced technology available to produce a substantial product constructed from extruded multi-chambered vinyl for impressive performance and energy efficiency. The wide selection of sizes and shapes as well as their reliability, durability and low-maintenance have made Next Dimension Signature a favorite for many builders.

Next Dimension Classic is available in the New England, Mid Atlantic and South Eastern markets. The Classic line is offered in Single Hung and Double Hung with a sloped sill, tilt sash and Brickmould profile frame. Decorative features such as a profiled innergrille and simulated divided light make ND Classic stand out among the competition.

Next Dimension Pro vinyl windows and doors are designed for light commercial, multi-family and residential applications. Quality vinyl extrusions ensure superior weathering, durability and color retention. Next Dimension Pro is offered at a competitive price with a lifetime-limited warranty.

Scott Renke

Windsor’s Legend product line uses cellular PVC to create a solid construction vinyl window with the appearance of traditional wood. These products offer look and feel of painted wood plus the low-maintenance and durability of cellular PVC. Windsor Legend products offer the only 25-year warranty in the industry.

We’ve also developed a unique hybrid product that we call Legend HBR. It combines the strength and durability of our Legend cellular PVC frame with an aluminum-clad wood sash. The merging of these two products provides a low-maintenance exterior with a beautiful wooden interior. If you select both materials in white you achieve an all white window. However, you may choose from over 40 contrasting colors for the aluminum clad sash to create a two-toned effect that adds colorful, low-maintenance character to the exterior of your home.

Windsor Legend and Legend HBR products are well suited for both new construction and historical renovation. Visit for more information on this innovative product.

Scott Renke

Our top-of-the-line Pinnacle Clad windows and doors offer a large selection of styles and shapes. The exterior comes in either a primed wood or low-maintenance extruded aluminum cladding in seven standard colors, 30 feature colors or 7 anodize finishes. Custom color matching is also available.

The wood interiors of the Pinnacle product lines are made from the finest select pine – specially treated for long life. You may select from our Vertical Grain Fir, which ranges in natural colors from bright white to a rich rose. Or, we also offer an attractive Natural Alder that has wood tones spanning from a golden honey to handsome reddish brown. These exquisite woods will be a complement to any home’s décor for years to come.

Pinnacle Select is an elite product line constructed from enhanced components that provide unsurpassed performance. DP Ratings ranging from 50 up to 70 are some of the most impressive in the industry. Select products are currently offered in casements (vented and fixed) picture, transom, and awning. This line features a unique push-out style casement and awning as well as a retractable screen option.

Pinnacle patio doors come in a variety of sizes in swinging or sliding and are known for their strength, quality and aesthetics. They are easy to operate, and our heavy-duty weatherstripping will ensure your patio doors will be ready for the changing seasons.

Visit to learn more about our Pinnacle Clad Windows and Doors.

Scott Renke

Beginning November 1st, Windsor Windows & Doors will be offering blinds between the glass on our Next Dimension Pro and Classic sliding patio doors. This mechanism is designed with an easy-to-operate lift and tilt feature to control light and privacy and is engineered for durability and long-lasting performance. Some of the impressive features of this blind system include:

  • Independent magnetic lift and tilt mechanisms – No more cords
  • 1” OA clear insulated glass
  • Blind are available in a neutral-shade of white
  • Blind material is 12.5 mm UV coated aluminum
  • Mechanism is handed for OX, XO and stationary handing
  • Tested to 10,000 raise and lower cycles, equivalent of 20 years of actual use
  • 10 year warranty on the insulated glass as well as the operation of the blinds and external control mechanisms

The blinds-between-the-glass option is available on doors in the following sizes:

  • 2′ 6″ wide x 6′ 8″ height
  • 2′ 6″ wide x 6′ 10″ height
  • 3′ 0″ wide x 6′ 8″ height
  • 3′ 0″ wide x 6′ 10″ height
  • 5′ 0″ wide x 6′ 8″ height
  • 5′ 0″ wide x 6′ 10″ height
  • 6′ 0″ wide x 6′ 8″ height
  • 6′ 0″ wide x 6′ 10″ height

Blinds Between Doors

Lift and tilt mechanisms will be located on the jamb side of the fixed lite and on the interlock stile side of the operating panel. The mechanisms will be located on the right jamb side of stationary units as shown in the figures above. The door figures are viewed from the interior looking out.

This new blinds-between-the-glass option is another reason that Windsor Windows & Doors is an excellent choice.

Mark Rieser

Windsor Windows & Doors began as a regional manufacturer of wood windows in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1946. The company was purchased by Woodgrain Millwork, Inc of Fruitland, Idaho in 1987.

Since joining Woodgrain, Windsor has streamlined its manufacturing processes, invested in state-of-the-art equipment, engineered innovative new designs, and expanded the product offering. Windsor’s corporate headquarters is still located in West Des Moines, Iowa. The Iowa manufacturing plant occupies 340,000 square feet. We also operate a second 200,000 square foot production facility in Monroe, North Carolina. Windsor manufactures four distinct product lines: Pinnacle (wood windows & patio doors), Next Dimension (vinyl windows & patio doors), Legend (cellular PVC windows), and Ashworth (patio and entry doors). Windsor is an Energy Star® Partner and our products are NFRC certified, which means they meet exacting standards for energy efficiency and durability. We ship our products throughout the United States and also into Canada, Mexico and China.

Windsor Windows & Door’s goal is to be easy to do business with. Our employees are flexible and accommodating and take personal ownership in providing the highest level of service. The company is large enough to equip our manufacturing plants with state-of-the-art processes and yet small enough to build our products with craftsmanship and acute attention-to-detail. We custom build every window and door to your exact specifications. The size, shape, grille pattern, material color, wood species, hardware style and finish are assembled into the desired combination to meet the needs of each individual order. We provide one of the best values in the industry and pride ourselves in being the “product of choice” among many architects, builders and contractors.

One look at a Windsor window or door and you’ll recognize its superior construction. Visit to learn more about our products and where to find a dealer near you.