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Recently on our blog, we’ve shared tips for choosing a front door as well as interior doors, but we haven’t talked much about door hardware. Selecting the right door hardware can significantly enhance the look of your doors. Here is a list of some door hardware options and how they are best utilized to complement your design aesthetic and fit your household needs.

Door Knob

A door knob adds simplistic design to both exterior and interior doors. If you have kids in your home, knobs may be a good option for you because they are harder to turn. Door knobs come in a number of different styles, sizes, and colors. You can even opt for a glass door knob like the one pictured below. Check out this article to learn how to create your own designer door knob in just five minutes.

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House of Antique Hardware

Lever Handle

Some people prefer a lever handle over a door knob. Lever handles are easier to use and can provide a unique style to both interior and exterior doors. Lever door handles come in a wide variety of styles, including modern, contemporary and traditional.

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Woodgrain Doors

Door Handle Set

A front entry set is a great way to increase curb appeal while adding safety and security to your home. Entrance sets are two pieces. The first piece includes a lever or knob handle with a key lock. The other piece includes a lever or knob handle with a lock that you can turn without requiring the use of a key. Door handle sets come in a wide variety of styles and designs to fit the look and feel of your home.

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Woodgrain Doors

Dummy Sets

Dummy sets are great for hallway doors, cabinets and double door pantries because they look like a regular door knob, but they don’t require any turning. All you need to do is pull the door open. These door knobs are extremely easy to install because they don’t require a latch.

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Woodgrain Doors

Passage Sets

This type of door hardware is great for places like a den or a basement because it doesn’t have a lock. You can choose either a knob or a lever depending on your personal preference.

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Woodgrain Doors

Woodgrain offers the necessary components required for easy installation including jambs, frames, stops, casing legs, astragals and brick mould. Click on Door Shop Components on our products page to learn more. You can also browse our entire collection of Woodgrain Doors here.

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Brooks Dame

Woodgrain Millwork is a leading moulding and millwork manufacturer and supplier dedicated to delivering customized solutions for our customers at the lowest total cost of ownership. Our mills are strategically located throughout the world and our integrated supply chain offers customers flexible options to secure product with shorter lead times.

Product Overview

Woodgrain Millwork offers commodity wood components as well as LifeTech ® and LifePlast ® solutions to enhance the performance and durability.

LifeTech® is manufactured by fingerjointing a revolutionary product – Accoya®– to the bottom of an exterior door component to prevent rot and decay. The technology is based on wood acetylation, a nontoxic and environmentally friendly process that improves performance without compromising strength.

Features and Benefits

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Effective barrier against rot, insects and mold
  • Proven Class 1 durability
  • Double pass primed and sanded
  • Cost effective compared to composites as it reduces the overall door unit cost

Product Line

  • Exterior Frames
  • Stiles and Rails
  • Brick Mould
  • Mull Post
  • Mull Casing
  • Double Rabbeted Jambs
  • Stops

LifePlast® is a poly-fiber material where the unique formulation will not absorb moisture and is rot and insect resistant. With incredible holding power and best in class durability from wear and tear, LifePlast products are also resistant to warping and splitting.

Features and Benefits

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Sealed product to ensure no rotting, warping or splitting
  • Rigid poly-fiber formulation
  • Twice the holding power of traditional wood
  • Best performance when compared to other composite frames

Product Line

  • Exterior Frames
  • Brick Mould
  • Mull Post
  • Mull Casing

Available Finishes

  • Primed: Ready to paint
  • White Cap: A one-time applied finish that never will need painting
  • Embossed: Emulates real wood grain texture for staining applications

Contact your sales representative today to learn more, visit, email us at, or call us at 888.783.5485.

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Woodgrain Distribution is proud to introduce the Houston Distribution Center’s first all-encompassing product guide. The arrival of this guide marks the first time all of our products have been incorporated into one comprehensive catalog. Inside, all moulding profiles are displayed at full-size – making it easier for our customers to visualize how moulding can fit within their home’s style. The catalog also includes industry terminology and millwork standards to assist in the builder and homeowner’s design plans.

A small sampling of Houston’s products include:

  • Moulding
    • Ceiling, Wall and Floor profiles
    • Door and Window profiles
    • Door Shop Components
    • General Purpose
    • Finished Elegance®
    • DecraMold® & BlockShop®
    • Dowels & Prefinish Ash
  • Doors
    • Wood Stile & Rail Doors
    • Fiberglass Doors

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Houston Product Guide